When Should I Service my Toyota? Massey Toyota is Here with an Answer!

You should schedule your first service appointment after you have driven your new or pre-owned Toyota at least 3,000 miles. After that first service appointment, you can consult with your owners' manual or one of our professionally-trained service technicians to see when your next appointment should be. However, the typical time you should wait between service appointments varies from vehicle to vehicle, with its year, model, and mileage often considered critical factors. While Toyota earn a prestigious reputation for their efficiency and long-term resilience, the vehicles cannot maintain themselves, which is why it is imperative that you schedule a service appointment here at Massey Toyota and have your vehicle looked at by our service center technicians here in Kinston, NC; we are proudly serving Winterville and Greenville!

Winter is Coming!

If you have not already made an appointment to have your new or used Toyota serviced, now might be a good time for that as winter will soon be upon us, complete with temperature drops and increased precipitation. A routine maintenance appointment is the best way to ensure that your new or used Toyota is ready to go as our service center technicians can determine exactly what your vehicle needs to be ready to take on the streets in the winter. In order for your Toyota to best function properly, your engine must be running properly with no signs of damage, your fluids should all be topped off, your suspension and alignment should be as tight as possible, and (possibly most important) your tires should have the most traction possible. As your vehicle's tires are the only part of your Toyota that actually touch the ground, you need the most compatible tires with the utmost traction to prevent hydroplaning and to give you the utmost control in adverse road conditions.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Our service center technicians are all highly trained Toyota technicians who only utilize genuine Toyota parts available in our parts store. All of the services that your new or used Toyota needs, in order to be ready for the drive ahead, is right here art Massey Toyota in Kinston, NC, so schedule an appointment and come see us here in Kinston today! We are proudly serving Goldsboro and you can give our service center a call if you have any questions. See you soon!

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